Infill for Artificial Grass: Everything You Need to Know

Infill for Artificial Grass: Everything You Need to Know

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Understanding Infill

Infill is the material that is brushed into artificial turf. It plays a critical role in maintaining the appearance and performance of your artificial grass. Without infill, your artificial grass can become flattened and matted over time, which isn't ideal. The right infill will help protect your investment and keep your lawn looking, feeling, and performing its best.

Different Types of Infill


Silica Sand Infill

Sand is one of the most traditional infill materials used in artificial grass. It stabilizes the turf, keeping the blades upright and preventing matting. Additionally, sand infill adds weight to the turf, preventing movement.

Rubber Infill

Made from recycled rubber material, rubber infill, or crumb rubber, is popular for its shock-absorbing properties. It's an excellent choice for sports fields and playgrounds, offering cushioning and impact absorption.

TPE Infill

TPE infill, a newer eco-friendly option, is a blend of plastic and rubber materials. Known for durability and softness, it lacks harmful chemicals, making it safe for the environment, children, and pets.

Organic Infill

Organic infill is crafted from natural materials like cork, coconut husks, or peat moss. It enhances sustainability, provides natural drainage, and regulates temperature for a cooler surface.

Acrylic Coated Sand

This infill type is coated with acrylic, enhancing durability and stability. It resists moisture and combats mold and bacteria growth, making it suitable for high-traffic areas.

ZeoFill ® OdorZorb Infill

OdorZorb from ZeoFill is a natural and organic infill that excels at absorbing pet odors and reducing the surface temperatures of your lawn. Perfect for most applications, but especially useful where children, dogs, and other pets might play.


Envirofill is an innovative turf infill product designed for safety, hygiene, and high performance. It maintains cooler temperatures, resists compaction, and features Microban ® antimicrobial protection to ensure a clean and safe environment for the whole family.


Wonderfill is an infill solution with a special coating, including Zinc Omadineâ„¢ ZOEâ„¢ Antimicrobial that helps to prevent mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. It's unique shape also makes it less abrasive than some other options, and helps keep turf blades standing up while preventing damage.

Choosing the Right Infill

Selecting the right infill for your artificial grass depends on your specific needs and preferences. Whether you prioritize durability, eco-friendliness, odor control, or antimicrobial properties, there's an infill type to suit your requirements.

How to Fluff Up Artificial Grass

Maintaining your turf's appearance is essential. Use a drop spreader to evenly distribute the proper amount of infill. Afterward, employ a stiff bristle broom to brush the turf, standing the blades upright for a freshly mowed grass look. Finally, rinse the grass to remove any remaining dust.

Infill Maintenance

The frequency of infill replenishment can vary depending on the product used. Generally, it's recommended every eighteen months to ensure optimal performance.


Artificial grass infill is a vital component of a high-quality artificial turf installation. It provides stability, support, and resilience, ensuring your turf looks and performs at its best. With various infill options available, you can tailor your choice to meet your specific needs. Whether you're creating a beautiful lawn, a safe play area, or a high-performance sports field, the right infill can make a significant difference. So, enjoy the benefits of artificial grass with the perfect infill to suit your lifestyle!

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