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Great Product, Unmatched Integrity

Turf Distributors offers quality artificial grass backed by industry leading warranties. Our distribution channel is made up of reputable dealers, each of whom adheres TD’s robust business standards. This means the same warranties are honored by all of our dealers and distributors, and that buyers can expect the same caliber service from our entire distribution channel.

There’s Never Been a Better Time

Artificial turf’s long product life, low environmental impact, and general affordability has made it the best option for a variety of applications — including sports fields, residential lawns, and more!

Incentives from municipal governments have made installing artificial grass more affordable than ever. State and local governments are offering big rebates on artificial grass. Now is your chance to get a better quality lawn for less than ever before! Our distributors have the product and services you need to enjoy a lush new turf lawn. Are you ready?
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Choosing the Right Artificial Grass

There’s a lot of artificial grass out there! But just because something looks good doesn’t mean it’s built well. It’s important to understand what characteristics separate tacky turf from high quality artificial grass.

Good turf scores high in vital statistics, like water permeability, tuft bind strength, lead content, flammability, and UV resistance. These scores separate the pretenders from the real deal. At the end of the day you need turf that will go the distance and create a healthy environment for your family.
We post all of our product testing information online — so you can make sure that you’re getting the best possible artificial turf products, no matter which of our dealers you buy from.


What Characteristics Should the Best Artificial Grass Have?

Turf is more than fake grass — it’s a lifestyle! In addition to offering a similar look and feel to real grass, quality artificial turf needs to be able to perform in the toughest conditions. The best artificial lawns remain soft, lush, and vibrant green through the harshest weather, including droughts, floods, and snow storms. Poor quality turf fades, tears, and falls apart in the face of extreme stress. But Turf Distributors’ high quality lawns are built to last years, even decades!

Just as important as the strength and durability of our product is the diversity of our inventory! Your turf needs to adapt to your lifestyle. Everyone has different tastes. Our dealers offer a variety of products to satisfy every customer. TD provides dealers and distributors a diverse selection of products to choose from, including sports turf, putting greens, forested lawns, and everything in between!


See the Difference with Quality Artificial Grass

There’s a reason that Turf Distributors is the number one wholesaler of artificial grass in the country! We offer dealers and distributors quality artificial turf for all uses. From residential lawns to sports fields, playgrounds, dog parks, festivals, and more, we have the right turf for every project.
And with a TD dealer, you know exactly what you’re getting before you buy! Our dealers offer free samples, so you can see the superiority of our product with your own eyes.

Our synthetic turf offers dealers and distributors the products they need to succeed in any market. Whether you’re looking for sports turf or residential lawn turf, our dealers have the turf you need!
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About Turf Distributors

You deserve good turf that will last. And a dealer who offers quality products paired with exceptional service.
Turf Distributors is the where can I buy artificial grass. Our turf is safe, beautiful, and built to last. And we post all of our product testing online — so you can make sure that you’re getting the best possible product for your business!



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