What your artificial turf lawn says about you!

What your artificial turf lawn says about you!

With so many different types of artificial turf, your artificial lawn really says a lot about you! Are you sporty, classy, or practical? Are you the host with the most, or your HOA’s favorite resident? 

See what your turf lawn has to say about you! Below we discuss the different types of turf and what each says about your personality.

Weekend Warrior

You’re the type of person who likes to make the absolute most out of your weekend! Whether that means late afternoon putting practice or Saturday pickup football, you use ActiveScape to craft the ideal backyard oasis. Good choice!

ActiveScape includes a variety of products that support fit, active lifestyles — like Hybrid 59! You can use Hybrid 59 to build batting cages, create your own personal field, or level up your training with a home gym. If you’re the sort of person who likes to squeeze the most out of your weekend, Hybrid 59 has you covered!

And you can also add Platinum Putt as the perfect complement to Hybrid 59! It’s great for relieving stress after a long day at the office, and it will help to shave a few strokes off your short game 🙂

Talk of the Town

You like to look good! And you want a yard that looks good too. And why not? A well-designed yard boosts property values, and that’s something everybody can be thankful for. That’s why you opted for DreamScape.

DreamScape makes dreams a reality using the latest artificial grass technology! Its sophisticated design offers you an elegantly modern lawn with none of the pitfalls of traditional turf. DreamScape products feature unparalleled realism, an exceptionally high flow rate, and a lush pile height.

Be the talk of your town! For the absolute best in artificial grass, we recommend Dream Eco 96! Not only is this product beautiful and soft to the touch, but it’s also backed by Turf Distributors’ signature 16-year warranty!

Proud Parent

You want your kids to grow up being healthy and active. You understand that a backyard is more than just a place with a fence and some turf — it’s a place for kids to play, create, and discover! Whether you’ve installed a mini playground for your little ones or a sporty yard for your teenagers, you understand the importance of having a safe place to play.
Which is why you chose So Natural 90 for your yard.

LifeScape products, like So Natural 90, are there for life’s best moments! From backyard BBQs to catch with the kids, this soft, durable turf has you covered! Like all our products, Life 90 is kid and pet friendly. Its lush, 2-inch pile height offers additional comfort and support for outdoor playtime. Its tough backing keeps mud and dirt in place — under your turf and away from your white floors. And unlike natural grass, which is one of the most common allergens, Life 90 is smooth, comfortable, and hypoallergenic.

Host with the Most

You’re the life of the party! Whether that means family reunions, backyard BBQs, or casual drinks with coworkers, you trust Evo 001 to keep your guests happy and entertained.

Evo 001 features sturdy omega-shaped blades to handle heavy foot traffic. Thanks to its incredibly rich palette of emerald and olive, your guests will never suspect that it isn’t real grass. Best of all, Evo 001 comes backed by a 16-year warranty!

Hardcore DIYer

There’s more to a yard than the turf you use! You also have to decide how to install it. Are you the sort of person who trusts professionals to get your yard just right, or do you prefer to roll up your sleeves, strap on your tool belt, and get to work laying turf?

DIY jobs aren’t always easy, but we have some great tools to help you get the turf yard you’ve always wanted!

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