The Many Uses of Artificial Grass

The Many Uses of Artificial Grass


The Many Uses of Artificial Grass

Once relegated to the likes of junior league sports fields and dog kennels, artificial grass is suddenly popping up in all kinds of intriguing places.

Synthetic turf sales have spiked by 50 percent, according to Realtor, and not always for the reasons you might expect.

The truth is, when smart devices officially took over our lives, chores like lawn maintenance shot to a new low on many people’s to-do lists.

Add in the chronic stress of escalating nationwide water shortages and concerns about toxic weed-control products and it is easy to see why artificial turf’s ugly duckling days are officially over.

In this article, learn about the many uses of artificial grass – the fun, functional and flexible turf that works great indoors and out!

“Green Up” Your Indoor Space With Artificial Turf

Would it surprise you to learn that there are nearly as many types and styles of artificial turf as there are of carpets, tile and other types of flooring?

This makes synthetic grass a perfect choice for indoor spaces as well as outside on the lawn.

Craving an indoor putting green in your spare bedroom? Lay down short pile synthetic grass and practice to your heart’s content.

Want to “green up” an accent wall but your partner is wildly allergic to anything with roots? Synthetic grass gives the illusion of the great outdoors – only indoors.

Synthetic turf is durable, washable, versatile and impervious to mold, mildew and allergens. Whether your goal is to potty train the family puppy or give your kids a safe play spot to do their worst, synthetic grass can get the job done and still look great.

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Trim Your Outdoor Landscaping Budget Forever With Artificial Turf

If there is one expense no homeowner ever gets excited about, it is paying the lawn crew. Alternately, buying a lawnmower, edger and leaf blower doesn’t routinely make anyone’s bucket list of home maintenance tools.

When you convert to artificial turf for your outdoor spaces, you do away with the need for both.

Yes, it is true that synthetic grass itself represents an investment, but it is an investment you only need to make once. Unlike your lawn crew, it won’t ever raise its price. Unlike your lawnmower, it won’t ever break down.

Once installed, artificial turf is resistant to sunlight, rain, snow, ice, pests, parasites, fungi and pretty much everything else nature’s finest can throw at it.

Best of all, with the amazing variety of artificial turf colors, styles and piles that is available today, you can find turf that is a seamless match for the local grass varietal in your geographic area with no one the wiser.

Get Back to Business As Usual With Artificial Turf

There is no doubt that a certain amount of overhead is necessary in any type of business. But when you find yourself spending hard-earned profits on pansies and petunias instead of product marketing, it may be time to give artificial turf a second look.

The truth is, you just want your business to have nice curb appeal – nice, reliable, year-round curb appeal. You don’t want to show up at work one morning only to discover fire ants or cutworms have staged a hostile takeover on your front lawn.

You want your customers to be talking about your great products and services, not the enormous spreading network of brown patch that looks almost exactly like the Big Dipper.

Happily, the solution is simple. You need artificial turf, and badly. Welcome to year-round green that is resilient in the face of continual lawn traffic, seasonal weather and the very worst that pests, fungi and wild animals can dish out.

For urban businesses who don’t have to deal with outdoors upkeep, artificial turf offers its own set of benefits for lightening, brightening and refreshing the ambiance of your indoor space.

According to none other than Forbes, employees who work in a green space experience a 26 percent increase in brain power, which is great for productivity. And for your bottom line, a 30 percent reduction in sick days and a six percent increase in sleep quality doesn’t hurt either.

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Unleash Your Creativity With Artificial Turf

Apartment living isn’t for everyone, but whether housing shortages demand it or you simply prefer it, living in a beehive doesn’t have to mean living like the bees.

In other words, oases come in all shapes and sizes, and often all it takes to start yours is a spot of synthetic green where no natural green could ever survive.

One popular place for artificial turf today is on balconies, where it is as much appreciated by the family pet as by the family.

For home or business owners, there always seems to be that one spot where grass just refuses to grow, whether due to too-shady, too-wet or too-arid conditions or something else entirely.

But guess what will grow quite readily and always look great to boot? If you guessed “synthetic grass,” you are on to something!

One fact many people don’t know about today’s modern artificial turf is that you can cut it into any shape you desire – all it takes is a pair of sharp shears and a little imagination. You can use it to trace the outline of your swimming pool so little knees (and paws) have a soft landing as they heave themselves up and out of the pool.

Artificial turf can neatly disguise unsightly outdoor elements like air conditioners, trash cans and utility boxes or poles.

If you have a pickup truck or work vehicle, adding a layer of artificial turf protects the flooring or carpeting and also helps keep stored items in place on your drive.

Synthetic grass can also be a great addition to an outdoor kitchen, deck or bar – or even to cover up the outdoor seating itself. Add artificial turf as a decorative outdoor table runner or mosaic for a meditative Zen garden, or wrap it around a water feature for extra insulation and to keep it looking great.

Artificial Grass Is Reusable For 20+ Years

Whether you are pondering investing in a full artificial turf lawn for your home or business or you just want a square or two for your condo balcony, one common question is whether you can move and reuse it once it is installed.

The answer here is a resounding “yes.”

If you decide to sell that condo or your house or business property, all you have to do is roll up your artificial turf and pack it up just like everything else. When you get to your new location, you can install it easily for continued use.

Synthetic turf is stabilized to resist ultraviolet light damage as well as weather and wear damage. It won’t fade or degrade. It has the same porosity as natural grass and will drain away water just as well and just as quickly.

Even if you choose to stay in the same place long-term, you can still decide to move your synthetic grass as needed. For example, if you have a basement you want to turn into a playroom for your kids, you can take the artificial turf from their bedroom and move it downstairs into the basement easily.

Artificial turf has so many great long-lasting benefits and it also looks and feels very natural underfoot. Adding some synthetic grass at home or at work makes a great DIY project that benefits everyone.



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