How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost? 2022 Pricing Guide

How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost? 2022 Pricing Guide


How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost? 2022 Pricing Guide

At Turf Distributors, we work with dealers and distributors to guarantee top-quality products at competitive prices.

Artificial Grass For All Outdoor Spaces

The demand for artificial turf is higher than ever before. Growing water restrictions, government rebates, and environmental concern have made buying turf more appealing than ever. For projects big and small, the turf is the best solution to any landscaping need. 

Homeowners prefer artificial turf over living grass because it creates a more comfortable living environment and requires virtually no maintenance. They want it because it is both more functional and luxurious! Artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered, and it doesn’t require nearly as much maintenance as natural grass. 

Unlike natural grass lawns, artificial grass doesn’t create a habitable environment for pests and insects. But most importantly, turf stays green regardless of the conditions. Neither winter weather nor pet waste can kill our lawns. 

Homeowners aren’t the only people purchasing artificial turf! Community centers, gyms, HOAs, sports leagues, and office parks are all making the switch to artificial grass. Turf is easier to take care of, offers a superior user experience, and it lasts longer than natural grass grass. 

Outdoor spaces across the country can benefit from artificial grass in one way or another.

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How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

There are several variables that go into calculating the cost of artificial turf. These include square footage, products used, labor costs, land flattening, and more. The exact cost of artificial grass will vary depending on the project.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Artificial Grass?

Some of the many benefits that can come from installing artificial turf include:

  • Stays Green  All Year Long: Unlike real grass lawns, artificial turf will remain rich, green, and lush through every season, no matter the location. With turf, a property owner can keep their outdoor space looking its absolute best regardless of the weather. 
  • Extremely Durable: Artificial turf is made to handle heavy foot traffic. When installed around a pool area, exposure to common pool chemicals will not result in fading or discoloration. Artificial grass can handle direct sunlight and high temperatures. When homeowners install artificial grass in their outdoor space, they can feel good knowing their investment will last many years. Turf from all of our dealers and distributors feature extensive, up to 16-year warranties.  
  • Low Maintenance: Artificial turf requires very little maintenance! Property owners no longer have to waste weekends pulling weeds, pushing heavy equipment, and working in the hot weather. To care for a turf lawn, you’ll need to give it a regular sweep to remove debris, replace infill that’s been blown or washed away by heavy wind and rain, and give it an occasional rinse/cleanse if you have pets. There is only a fraction of the work involved compared to a live lawn!
  • Track Less Dirt Into The House Or Pool: Artificial grass keeps both indoor and outdoor spaces clean. Unlike real grass, there’s no need to worry about tracking dirt or grass clippings into the house or pool.  
  • Slip-Resistant: Artificial turf remains slip-resistant even when wet. If your customers  want to use their yard after it rains, or have turf installed by their pool, their synthetic grass will provide the traction they need to avoid slipping. 
  • Less Habitable For Bugs: Artificial turf is less habitable to bugs and insects.  
  • Reduces Chemical Exposure: Synthetic grass doesn’t require pesticides or fertilizers. Avoid exposure to harmful chemicals with artificial turf. 

Why Choose Turf Distributors?

Turf Distributors is America’s number one turf supplier! We support a growing community of dealers and distributors with top quality products, extraordinarily high inventory, and rapid nationwide delivery. Our high level services help clients meet their business goals and better serve their customers.

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How Much Does Installing Artificial Turf Cost?

The price of artificial turf can vary greatly depending on where you buy it and the type of artificial turf you buy. A quality, realistic fake grass with lifelike artificial turf blades can cost $20 per square foot or more with installation fees. While more expensive, realistic synthetic turf can closely imitate a natural grass lawn. More affordable options cost between $8 and $12 per square foot but can still appear and behave like real grass. Factors like square footage, type of turf chosen, labor costs, land flattening, and drainage system installation can increase the price tag of turf. 

Can Artificial Grass Be Installed Without The Help Of Professionals?

Yes, homeowners can install artificial grass by themselves. While possible, this process is labor intensive, time consuming and expensive. On top of the cost of the turf, there is a ton of equipment necessary to accomplish a DIY installation job. This equipment includes items such as something to help them level the land, a wheelbarrow, weighted lawn roller, drop spreader, carpet tucking tool, seaming tool, and much more. The cost of this equipment adds up fast! They also have to spend time teaching themselves the installation process. So they are better off investing in a quality installation team. Not only will it be less work for them, but they can trust that it will be done correctly the first time.

Can Artificial Turf Be Pressure Washed?

Yes, artificial turf can be pressure washed. Pressure washing synthetic grass lawns is actually a standard task many homeowners do to keep their turf looking its absolute best. While it is not always necessary, pressure washing artificial grass can ensure that debris, dirt, pests, pet messes, or other frustrations never linger for too long. 



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