Create a Summer Oasis With Artificial Turf

Create a Summer Oasis With Artificial Turf

artificial grass surrounding in-ground pool

Summer is just around the corner! 

Now is the best time to upgrade your yard. Install artificial grass before July and enjoy your yard all summer long. 

Artificial Grass for Summer


Artificial grass is the perfect surface for all of your favorite summer activities!

Backyard BBQs – Heavy foot traffic tramples natural grass. Lawn furniture and transportable BBQs aren’t much better! Over time compaction can lead to brown spots popping up across your lawn. 

This isn’t necessarily the case for artificial grass. Turf Distributors has turf specially designed for heavy foot traffic. Our products use innovative blade shapes and high-carbon yarn to resist compaction. We also carry specialized infills that keep turf standing tall in the toughest conditions. 

Pool Days– Concrete pool decks can be hazardous to family fun, and natural grass isn’t much better. These surfaces become slick when wet. Even worse, pool chlorine kills natural grass — but not turf! Artificial turf offers a non-slip surface that won’t fade from prolonged sun exposure and harsh pool chemicals. With artificial grass from Turf Distributors, you can create a worry-free poolside paradise for your family and friends.

Sports – Does your perfectly manicured lawn have what it takes to handle backyard sports? Or are you worried about all those months of mowing going to waste? 

The last thing anyone wants is to see a pick-up football game rip out chunks of their lawn. That’s why more and more homes are turning to artificial turf! Turf offers functional space for recreation and relaxation. Artificial grass surfaces are smooth, even, and easy on joints so you and your family can enjoy sports without any worries.  

Family Fun – The best part of summer is spending time with the fam. Create memories that will last for a lifetime with a lawn that stays soft and cool all summer long!

Artificial grass offers families a more comfortable living environment — free from the bugs, mud, and allergies associated with natural grass! Innovative technology like w-shaped blades, high carbon yarn, and OdorZorb infills help keep lawns over 20 degrees cooler in the summer heat.

Declare Independence From Lawn Care!

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With artificial grass, you can be there for moments that matter. Turf gives you the freedom to spend your weekend on something other than lawn care! No more mowing, seeding, or weeding! Artificial grass requires almost no maintenance. All you need to keep your lawn looking its best is to brush it, clear away debris, and add infill every year or so.

About Turf Distributors

Turf Distributors is the nation’s leading artificial turf supplier! They have products for every possible customer need — including residential yards, commercial landscaping, sports, and more! 

The Artificial Grass Designers at Turf Distributors have skillfully blended the look of living grass with innovative new technologies, like DuraBlade, Evoscape, and CoolFlow. The result is artificial grass with unmatched realism, plush feel, and durability backed by up to 16-year warranties!

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