Best Artificial Turf around Pools: Your Buyer’s Guide

Best Artificial Turf around Pools: Your Buyer’s Guide


Best Artificial Turf Around Pools: Your Buyer’s Guide



Make the most out of your pool area! Artificial turf provides a safe non-slip surface for poolside play. It looks and feels just like natural grass, except it won’t wilt from exposure to chlorine or sunshine. Turf Distributors offers a wide selection of quality artificial turf products. Our turf lawns are safe, easy to clean, and require virtually zero maintenance.

Turf around pools

Know Your Turf

Turf Distributors has turf to match every lifestyle! From lush lawns to pool decks, putting greens, sports turf, playground turf, and more, we have top-quality synthetic turf for your client’s lifestyle and budget. 

Artificial turf is a great addition to a pool oasis because it’s durable, luxurious, low maintenance, and won’t wilt from chlorine exposure. Clients won’t worry about fresh cut grass blades in their pool or sticking to wet feet. 

Help your clients find the right specs for them. Choosing a turf with our W or Wave shaped blades and Zeofill infill will help keep lawns up to 20 degrees cooler. W shaped synthetic turf also creates a lush lawn and playing or lounging area. 

Clients with pets and children enjoy our Optimum Flow™ technology. This proprietary technology drains 830% faster than other turf brands for faster drying and easy clean up. When wet surfaces can be a hazard around the pool, Optimum Flow™ backing creates a safer place to swim and play. The fast draining backings quickly whisk away water, while our blades provide the grip you need to keep your footing. 

Our infill, Zeofill, helps eliminate odors from spills and pet waste and reduce the growth of microorganisms for a cleaner surface.

Recommend the right artificial turf type depending on your customers’ preferences. They may want a higher pile height for a more lush, natural grass look. Or, they may opt for a short pile for easier clean up and playing golf, tennis, or bocce ball around the pool.

Know Your Product

Turf Distributors’ products use the highest quality materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques for a superior product.

  • Industry-leading technology: The molecular structure of our DuraBlade™ turf fibers has a longer carbon chain to increase resilience, durability, temperature resistance, and the look and feel of the final product.
  • Optimum Flow™ backing: Our non-perforated backing increases drainage by 830% to reduce drier, cleaner, turf without unpleasant plant odors. 
  • Higher Durability: DuraBlade™ yarn is two times more durable than other existing materials, which means better resistance to heavy use.
  • W & Wave Blade Shape: W blade shapes reduce heat by up to 15 degrees compared to other blade types for a more comfortable lawn. The folded design also reflects more light for a natural looking lawn. 
  • Pet Approved: Our Optimum Flow™ series paired with Zeofill infill makes pet clean up quick and easy. Superior drainage and odor resistance means your clients worry less about messes, odors, and cleaning up.
  • Temperature resistance: DuraBlade™ yarn is UV-resistant to protect against fading caused by sunlight.
  • Improved look: DuraBlade™ yarn has a soft feel and natural look to mimic natural grass.
  • Curated selection: Choose from a wide range of projects to achieve a luxurious lawn for lounging and entertaining, an optimal sports playing field, and more. Our products are specifically designed with the end use in mind. Your client is bound to find a product they love and will fit the needs of their synthetic turf project. 
  • Warranty Backed: We are so confident in the quality and durability of our products that we offer warranties for up to 16 years.
Eco 56 Silver Install Turf

Know What Matters for Pool Turf 

Your clients need a pool deck surface that is durable, safe, and beautiful. Artificial grass around pool areas provides a great alternative to concrete surfaces, tile, or natural grass. 

Synthetic grass offers distinct qualities such as:

  • UV-Resistance: Turf’s UV-resistant properties prevent fading and discoloration from the sun or harsh pool water chemicals. Unlike natural grass, turf maintains its vibrant color year-round.
  • Low maintenance: Turf’s low maintenance and easy cleaning means your clients will spend more time enjoying their pool and yard. Your clients save time and money without having to water, cut, or treat turf as you would with natural grass. 
  • Cleaner Pools: Keep grass clippings out of the pool. Unlike natural grass, turf is less likely to break off and end up in the pool. Turf’s carbon fiber blades are woven through thick, polyurethane backings to prevent edges from getting loose.
  • Slip resistant: When the area around swimming pools is wet, it poses a safety risk. Artificial turf has a better grip than natural grass to prevent wet feet from slips and falls. Turf’s superior drainage properties keep pool decks drier and safer. 
  • Less habitable for bugs: Turf decreases the amount of pests in your lawn. Bugs have a harder time living in fake grass than in live grass, so they tend to leave for neighboring lawns.

Our Turf Options

Whether your client needs turf to withstand pets, wants a private putting green, or a comfortable place to lounge, TD accommodates their needs with a range of top-tier turf and accessories.

Artificial Grass Lawn

  • Cloud Nine
  • Hydro Duo
  • Hydro 98 Forest
  • Hydro 98 Olive
  • Dozens more

Artificial Grass Putting Greens

  • Flex Putt
  • Pro Putt 55
  • Veridian

Artificial Specialty Turf

  • Performance Turf
  • Hybrid 59
Turf Platinum Dream

About Turf Distributors

Turf Distributors is America’s most trusted artificial turf supplier. Turf Distributors leverages years of experience in the artificial grass industry to empower growth for dealers and distributors. 

We offer clients the products, resources, and services they need to capitalize on a growing market. Our expert insights and high-level services create a pathway for success while our quality turf steadily grows revenue.


Is Artificial turf cheaper than concrete?

Yes, turf is typically cheaper in terms of price per square foot.

Does TD install artificial grass?

Yes, we will connect you with an authorized distributor in the area to provide artificial grass installation services.

Contact us today to learn more about how Turf Distributors can help you create value for your customers.

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