Artificial Turf For Pets

Artificial Turf For Pets


Artificial Turf For Pets

Artificial turf is a type of surface that is made of synthetic fibers. This kind of artificial grass has come a long way in recent years. It has been used for everything from football and baseball fields to landscaping for airports. An increasing number of homeowners and property managers are now using it. It’s not just used for major projects anymore. There are several types of people and business owners who should invest in this type of artificial grass.

Home and Pet Owners

Are you tired of pets coming back indoors with muddy paws? Are you embarrassed by the dead patches of grass in your yard? What about all the bugs and mosquitoes annoying both you and your pets? While real grass can look great, it takes an incredible amount of time and work to get it that way. If you’ve just built a new home or moved into a place that hasn’t been well cared for, artificial grass makes perfect sense. It can potentially take years to grow a great-looking healthy lawn. Neither you nor your pet will have to wait for a new lawn to grow if you invest in turf that is artificial.

It’s a fact that real grass will attract more insects and weeds. It will also create a lot of mess. After it rains, you’re often faced with a dilemma. Keep your pet inside and have an accident or let them out only to come back inside a muddy mess. It’s also great for your pets to play on! If you choose a spongy, soft type of turf your pets will have a ball running and jumping and playing. It’s especially good for older dogs that may have arthritis and other joint problems. The following are several specific advantages to having artificial turf for your pets, and for yourself!

  • You’ll have a cleaner pet and need to give fewer baths.
  • There will be fewer bugs and fleas on your pets.
  • There won’t be any holes to refill throughout the yard.
  • Your pet will have fewer odors.
  • Your home will stay cleaner because your pet will track in less dirt.

Property Management Companies

If you’re a property manager there are definitely disadvantages to having real grass, gravel, or even pavement. Shifting gravel and excessive amounts of weeds are all problems you may be dealing with. No matter how many times you spray for weeds they always seem to come back. Gravel needs to be refilled and pavement will eventually crack. Maintaining these things can become very expensive quite quickly. Investing in some type of turf that is artificial may save you both money and time.

If your property is residential many of your residents may have pets that will frequently be out in the yard. Not only will the pets in your building be free of fleas and bugs, but you won’t have to spray the area for insects. Most types of bugs and insects can’t survive in artificial grass. You’ll be helping both your tenants and the environment when you’re not spraying harsh chemicals to kill bugs. The following are several primary reasons you should invest in this type of turf.

  • The turf will retain its color year-round.
  • There won’t be any expenses involved with mowing or controlling weeds.
  • It will be a good option for those who have pets.
  • It will increase property values.
  • It will save thousands of dollars on maintenance costs.
  • There are many turfs that are lead free and toxic free and good for the environment.


If you’re a contractor it’s smart to think and plan ahead regarding exactly what will be best for the properties you’re developing. Putting together a well-maintained, beautiful landscape is essential to building a successful property. The turf can be customized to fit in with any kind of landscape design. Since many people not only have pets at their residence but also take them many places, it’s smart to keep pets in mind when planning your buildings

In many areas of the country water is often rationed. This is another important reason that as a contractor you’ll want to consider installing artificial grass in your building projects. If you’re a contractor you’ll want your team to be skilled in selecting, installing, and maintaining different types of turf. You’ll want to be familiar with types of turf that work well for both people and pets.

Whether you’re a homeowner, a property manager, or a contractor, there are many great benefits you’ll receive when installing artificial turf. This kind of turf is safe, durable, and easy to keep clean. There are many different kinds available to choose from that come in a wide price range. No matter how much you choose to spend, this will be a good investment for your home or property. You can expect a good return on your investment. 



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